Coffee with Impact: Remote Work | Ep. 11 Print Management
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Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series | Episode 11: Reduce Business Cost through Print Management

Thursday, June 25 @ 11 am (CST)

How much do your printing habits cost you?

If you have an answer, then you’re one of the 10% of businesses that track and understand how much they spend—the remaining 90% have no idea, and organizations that use guesswork on average underestimate costs by 40%.

Why is this important?

When you consider increasing exponentially every year, it comes as little surprise that paper use has risen 126% in the US over the last two decades.

We’re currently looking at a business environment that is wasteful with resources in labor, environmental impact, and efficiency. Now is the time for organizations that haven’t yet done so to seriously assess whether their habits are costing them unnecessarily and what strategies they can put in place to help.

Impact has been in the business of print management for over 20 years, and we’ve seen it all. Join us as Dianna Lindsey, Account Manager, Mike Giardina, Sales Manager, and Brittany Young, Sales Manager, show you what you can do to increase visibility into your expenditures, improve your productivity, and keep your printing habits within budget for the future.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What visibility you can gain into your printing habits through proper management
  • Why now is the time to consider a print management strategy
  • How print management can drive sustainability
  • How print management improves employee productivity
  • The process and procedures for accessing your print environment
  • Using print management as a platform for wider digital initiatives